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Welcome to AWE Academy specialising in Aesthetics and Wellness Education

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Providing industry-leading educational courses in Aesthetics, Wellness and Skin Nutrition.

Our consulting, aesthetics, wellness and skin nutrition courses and training strategies have been created to provide professional development and postgraduate knowledge for Aestheticians, Beauty, Spa & Skin Therapists in the aesthetic industry.

Our goal is to educate on skin, skin nutrition and link the external with internal health as well as aesthetic wellness strategies and nutritional medicine concepts.

The new paradigm has arrived in advanced aesthetics and Aestheticians, Beauty and Spa Therapists now recognise the benefits of a holistic education to achieve maximum results with their client’s skin and treatments. Nutrition plays a major role in the correction and prevention of skin conditions, premature ageing and other diseases. Topical ingredients and topical nutrition work well at treating skin conditions however, some knowledge of internal nutrition can make the biggest difference when working with specific skin conditions.

Do you want to step into the future? Are you wanting to understand the link between skin and nutritional medicine? Do you want to take your career to the next level and learn more about the science of skin? Yes? Then this is your future. Aesthetics and wellness courses based on nutrition and the link with skin conditions is now the next step with your education.

You will find all available courses in the Courses page.

I look forward to meeting you.

Yours holistically,

Donna CC x



Bespoke education and training programs for the Aesthetic and Wellness industry.

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Postgraduate and professional development courses for the Aesthetic and Wellness industry.

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About AWE Academy

Creating AWE - some Aestheticians, Beauty and Spa Therapists.

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"Donna Cummins-Campbell is one of Australia’s leading skincare educators. Drawing on her extensive clinical experience and passion for dermatologic research, Donna is a major influencer in Australian aesthetics education, helping to shape the future of our next generation of skincare professionals."

Richard Parker

Managing Director - Rationale Skin Care

"Since Donna's training I have had only positive feedback from the staff about how helpful her information is. I have noticed that the staff are more confident in treating specific skin conditions and I have noticed an increase in membership packages and solutions for our clients."

Abby Withers

Managing Director - Oi Cosmetic Studio, Gold Coast Australia

"Master Training at Dr Luke Stradwick's, Gold Coast.  The Mx Facial Room at Dr Luke Stradwick's is a high end exclusive facial treatment and anti ageing space, known for it’s exclusive list of guests and celebrity facialists. The standards are very high and expectations even higher. Donna Cummins- Campbell has always been our first choice to train and educate our therapists. Her extensive knowledge in skin biology and her teaching techniques and classes are world class. We all feel very privileged to have Donna as an integral part of our education team. Mx Facial Room Therapist's  are always very keen and eager to learn from her Master Classes."

Marianne de Candia

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23rd March 2017

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23rd March 2017

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