About Donna

About Donna

Donna Cummins-Campbell 

In an aesthetics career spanning more than 30 years, Donna-Cummins Campbell has worked in every aspect of the beauty industry – from spas and salons to research laboratories, product development and as a key industry advisor, curriculum writer and educator.

In 2000, Donna became one of Australia’s first dermal therapists, working alongside plastic surgeons and cosmetic scientists. She’s worked in the USA as a consultant designing salon spaces and spa service programs.

A self-confessed science nerd, Donna says that one of her favourite roles was working as the National Educator and Research Specialist for a high-end cosmeceutical skin care company developing and helping to test their product range.

“I love the science and biology behind skin care. The skin is our largest organ and should be considered when we are looking at health concerns. Your skin is a great barometer of your internal health.”

“This is also what inspires me to keep learning. When I became an Educator, I realised I needed to know more”, so along with study in Health Science, at the University of New England (NSW), she has an Advanced Diploma qualification in Nutritional Medicine and is passionate about incorporating health and wellness education into post graduate and professional development courses for the Aesthetics, Spa and Beauty industry.

Donna’s message:

“I believe our role in the aesthetic and wellness industry is evolving and limitless. Our clients are searching for results and this includes internal wellness reflecting external beauty. There is a shift for Aestheticians and Beauty and Spa Therapists to deliver comprehensive treatments that encompasses this holistic approach. Welcome to this new paradigm, it is so exciting and forever rewarding.” Donna x