Acne Pathogenesis: A look inside & out at this multifactorial disease

Acne Pathogenesis: A look inside & out at this multifactorial disease

Being an Aesthetician means treating the skin to make improvements to it’s function and appearance.

We traditionally treat with topical ingredients and modalities, but what if we understood how certain skin conditions actually begin? Understanding the biological pathway and how this disease starts is known as it’s pathogenesis. By advancing your knowledge of skin diseases, you will feel more confident to treat in your Spa/Clinic and provide optimal outcomes for your clients.

In this module, we will look at Acne Pathogenesis and the multiple factors that need to be considered when treating holistically. By having a better understanding of this topic, you will be able to make informed decisions on who & when to refer your client to and how to treat this skin disease as an Aesthetician/Skin Therapist in the Spa/Clinic.

AWE Academy works with the philosophy of looking at the central cause of disease to determine treatment outcomes for the betterment of skin health. There are several key areas that must be considered to gain a clearer picture and we have broken this module into five (5) key topics based on this philosophy.

We find holistic aesthetics so fascinating and inspirational, and know you will too. Enjoy & thank you for being AWEsome!