Holistic Aesthetics Level 2

Holistic Aesthetics Level 2

Holistic Aesthetics is a 6-module course created for Beauty, Dermal, Spa Therapists and Aestheticians or anyone who is interested in skin and the link with nutrition and internal health.

The objective for this course is to educate the link with skin, internal health and nutrition.

Outcome: On completion of this course, you will feel more confident in understanding the biological systems linked to skin health and certain skin conditions and be able to suggest certain lifestyle changes for your clients.


  • Level 1 – Skin, Internal Health & Nutrition, Skin & Microbiome Function, Hormonal Interactions & the Skin & The Stages of Inflammation & the Skin
  • Level 2 – Epigenetic’s, Gut Sensitivity & the Skin, Biological Elements of Ageing & In Deep with Inflammation & Immunity
  • Advanced Modules (Specific skin conditions – Inflammatory, Hormonal and Environmental skin conditions)
  • Holistic Aesthetic Business Integrating Therapeutic Systems (HABITS) – A face to face course exploring consultation strategies for the Holistic Aesthetician

Are you frustrated about not achieving amazing results with skin care and skin treatments alone?

Want to learn about the link with the skin, internal health and nutrition?

This course will provide you with in-depth knowledge from an Aesthetic, Holistic Nutrition and Naturopathic level.

In Level 2, you will explore the following topics;

  • Epigenetic’s and the role in skin conditions, regulation of epidermal differentiation & oxidative stress
  • Biological components of the digestive system
  • Gut toxicity & skin reactivity
  • Gut hydration & the ┬áinfluence on skin hydration
  • Biological elements of ageing
  • Skin permeability & ageing
  • Hormones, ageing & the impact on wound healing
  • Triggers of inflammation
  • Unresolved immune & bacterial imbalances & the impact on the skin

Take your career to the next level and learn about Holistic Aesthetics now – we want you to be AWEsome.